Fake Estate

It’s been ~10 years since I last saw my true genetic hair color.  I was a redhead through most of college, followed by my dark-brown-it’s-really-black goth phase, and since my move to NC, it’s been a brownish-red mixture, depending on how long it was between dying – or professional hair stripping (a “color correction” as they say in the biz).  There are wisps of this light brown, almost blonde, coming out of my left temple and it’s like I’m being reintroduced to myself.  I can’t believe how light it is and I haven’t been to the beach since there was snow on it.  My reason for doing this is to enjoy it before it all goes gray.

It’s going to go gray sooner than later because we decided to sell our house.  And then buy a new one.  Drama and misadventures ensue, especially in this housing market.

We found our dream home, like we would seriously have to budget to pull it off, but it was still within our means and somewhere I could see parking my car for the next 30 some odd years.  And we did not win the bid.  It was like Ebay, but with higher stakes.  I guess the Lord didn’t want us there and has other ideas of where to go….and if it’s His will, then I’m glad it didn’t happen.  I’m still a bit miffed, but eh, it was out of my hands.  When He closes a door, He opens a window.

Our house is, in word, under contract.  We have a buyer who is 1 POINT away from qualifying for their mortgage.  They are financing 102%.  OMG.  Apparently, this isn’t that abnormal.  (No wonder we are in the $ crunch we are!)  As the sands of time through an hour glass, so is the waiting game to see if the bank will back the mortgage.  Never in my life have I been so enthralled by someone else’s credit score.  Everything is signed and sealed, ‘cept for that whole payment bit.  So we wait.  Chances are, it’ll go through. There’s always that possibility that it won’t….so, until we are for sure, we can’t do much.

Oh, did I mention all of this will go down by 31 March?  Yeah, we vacate the premises if it goes through.  {insert gray hairs here}

Despite losing my dream home bid, I am unable to find another house.  The General and I have different criteria for what we want, but similar tastes, so hopefully the next 2 we see on Monday are on the same plane as the 30 year dream home we are chasing after.

Real estate transactions stress me out beyond all.  With all the nuances that make no sense, the “market value” which changes with the tides, I have renamed it Fake Estate.

It’s like Strawberry Fields: “Nothing is real.”


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