So, the diet bit lasted for about 12 hours, 7 of which I spent sleeping.  It’s way too hard to keep on the detox portion of it when socializing.  I think I would have to hole up somewhere to do a vegan diet, even for 9 days.  I’ve moved myself into Phase II with meats + cheeses + fruits + veggies. Maybe once life settles itself out I’ll be more inclined to do it right.

It’s also come into light that my thyroid is not working properly.  This might explain how I gained 7cm in my waist/hips even tho I’m running with attempts to eat.  In lieu of removing my pituitary gland and beating it into submission, I’ve got an Rx that I am not happy about taking.   Arg.

And to make it worse, it’s cold and rainy outside and I haven’t done anything remotely resembling productive. A full plate of pilates is on the menu for tonight.

The house search continues, the bank drama continues….someone’s gotta write an ending soon!


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