Showcase Showdown

Remember that game on The Price is Right where it has that yodeling German guy going up the mountain?

The housing adventure is like that.  Slow moving, lots of yodeling, but it’s all moving in the right direction.  Thus far, at least.

The house we put a bid on (the one with brand new stuff) was way over priced so we low-balled the owners who live across the county and they wouldn’t budge off their ridiculous price.  So we walked away.  It was a beautiful house, but not beautiful enough to warrant spending a fortune on.  Exceptions will be made for exceptional houses.

The General and I got to talking and now we’re thinking about building in a neighborhood near another house option for basically the same price as the last bid, but customizing it to what we want.  And did I mention it’s waterfront?  Oh yeah.

We’re going to see what a construction loan is about in the coming days and maybe we’ll break ground (if we don’t break the bank first).  Who knows?

I really feel bad for our real estate agent.  He’s quite the trooper and we are complete loons, and at this rate, we’ll be looking at property in the south of France by summer.

This old house will close next week if our buyer’s 102% eggs are in the right basket.  We’re 95% moved out and into storage….moving in with a friend and perhaps an apartment if we end up building.

The irony?  We will be living in complete squalor in a 1 bedroom apartment.  Everything we own is either in storage or donated and bean bags are on the list of furniture.  It’s like I’m regressing.

Stay tuned, the housing adventure continues.


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