MLS Shock

Today we toured a house that is, on paper, perfect.  It has everything I want in a house, including a spectacular backyard with mature landscaping that screams quintessential English garden.  It’s a bit high in our price range, but defiantly something we can afford without much trouble.  It’s an older home, built during the Bush Sr Administration, but its well kept.  The wallpapered bathrooms, the FROG carpet, and the stove/microwave would all have to go.  And some paint, without a doubt. Easy fixes.

So what’s the problem?

I’m not feeling it.  I’m not a vibe type person and I have the intuition of a rock, so I hate making a judgement on feelings alone.  I’m logic by nature and it should be a logical decision to buy this great property.  The General is smitten.

Maybe it’s MLS Shock (MLSS), a condition known happen after viewing many properties.  Catatonic stares and repeating, “I don’t know” are all hallmarks of this disease.  I think I got it.  If left untreated, MLSS could possibly render a couple living in an unfurnished apartment with several dishes, suitcases, and 2 cats for an extended amount of time.


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