The “C” Word

I feel like this is slowly becoming a real estate blog, which was never my  intention.  It just so happens I started this blog when our house went under contract.

And I lead a boring life outside of work and real estate transactions, apparently.

Anyway, we had our home inspection today on the new joint.  The General and I spent 2 hours combing through the house with Inspector Gadget.  It was really nice to be able to see it’s flaws through the eyes of a professional and have some house bonding time.  I even got to meet the seller, a little old lady who is quite spry.

Like everything in this world, it had some flaws.  Some kinda major (rotting wood), some not so major (re-caulking the bathtub), some major to me – like the cabinet shelving bowing – but nonetheless, problems that need to be fixed.  I wish I had the money to rip out the kitchen cabinets and start over.  All was going well until Inspector Gadget mentioned the “C” word that made us sigh:


Even though the house was kept immaculate and it’s 19 years young, it had some problems that would require a professional to fix, such as the water damage around the shower.  The roof is original ($5000 to redo it), but maybe Mother Nature (read: next big hurricane) will help us get that paid for by my neighbors at State Farm. Heh heh heh.

It’s most defiantly a fixer upper in terms of paint and carpet. And a stove.  And a microwave. Oh, and we need new furniture cuz we have all ours to Goodwill.

Since we plan to stay there for a very long time, I’m okay with things things cuz I know it all doesn’t have to happen at at once.

The in-laws will be here mid-July, so I’d like to get some stuff taken care of sooner than later.  I am ready to close, tho.  I miss having my stuff, although I have a wonderful living situation here, I’m ready for a place of my own.  And a warm humid beach day.


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