From the Hyatt Roadhouse

Posting from my phone! I love technology, even though my GPS sux; it insists my current location is in the middle of Tampa Bay.

I’m liking the Florida trip so far, I’ve met some wonderful people here, including my half-brother-in-law, who is such a sweet man. It turns out I have a niece who’s 2 years younger than me.

The wedding is tomorrow, both bride and groom are very cool people who I hope will come visit us real soon.

As we inch closer to our closing date, I find myself enjoying decorating ideas from Southern Living magazine. I’m looking forward to making it into a seaside retreat. Still waiting on details about repairs, but we hope it will all go through. I’m a little nervous. I love its charm, but it will require costly repairs in the years to come. I guess its that way with any home in the long term.

Everyone is drinking poolside and I should go be social, but I’m liking the solitude….maybe I’ll grab a hurricane after Jay Leno’s monologue….


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