Not a friend of mine

I love Facebook and the crazy suggestions it makes for my friend list, but lately its been people from the past that want to be my friend. My initial response? “Oh, wow, that can’t be….yup, it is.” ::click ignore::

Its happened twice in the past week. First, a girl I haven’t seen since middle school. She was the one who had no friends because she was so annoying. I know I was annoying at that age, but this girl took annoying to a new level. She had some LD courses under her belt and I really felt bad for her. Middle school is hard enough without having social/behavior/academic issues to deal with in addition to personal hygiene. We were friends by default at school, I may have saw her a couple of times at the swim club. She moved to a rival school after 8th grade and I never heard from her again until she friended me 14 years later. I, out of morbid curiosity, checked out her page. Not much had changed. Same dame, in a body of a 30 year old. Unmarried, but had given her heart to the Lord, which made me smile. Although I was glad to see she was my sister in Christ, I have no desire to reconnect with her.

The next one really made my eyebrows jump. Despite being her bridesmaid when she married my best friend, she eventually forbade her husband to speak to me because she saw me as a threat. Um, what? They’re now divorced due to her idiotic tendencies. I will admit not long ago I found her as a suggestion on FB and lerked a bit to see what she was up to. Now divorced from hubby #2, she’s back in the dating world. Drama. No thanks.

A part of me feels bad that I’m rejecting them. Girl #1 especially. Even if I saw her in a grocery store back home, I’d probably duck into another section and hope she didn’t see me. It may not be right, but its true.

So much has happened since 8th grade and college for that matter – I feel I couldn’t sum myself up to meet them in passing. And I’d get smack Girl #2 across the face if we ever met again after the hell she put my friend through.

Sometimes the past is best left in the past.


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