Landing on Mars bars

“Do you have anything to declare?” asked the customs agent in Philadelphia, as The General and I arrived back in our home country after a week in Stockholm, Sweden last summer.  I had checked the “yes” box for food on my I-94 form.

“Mars bars,” I replied, opening my bag and showing him the mass of Mars bars – about 10 total – some fun size, some normal size.

He looked a little befuddled, but stamped us through.

Despite living in America, I have only been able to find Mars bars across the pond (they’re a candy bar, if you’re completely lost).  I discovered them in a train station the 1st time I went to England in 2004 and was hooked.  When I went back in 2005 with a friend, she tried to tell me they sell them in the States.  They’re not, I looked.

Every time I go back, I eat my fill to hold me over until I can get back across the pond.  We stumbled up on a candy store in Stockholm so I stocked up and brought some home to live in my freezer as my not-so-secret stash.  They lasted until autumn, which is saying a lot about my restraint.  I have what some would call a sweet tooth.  In every tooth.

Tonight I got out of work early to head to Wal-Mart to get some paint brushes for the finishing touches on my moulding project.  As I was standing in line, I looked down and saw Mars bars!  With almonds!  Wasn’t the same as in Europe, but they were Mars bars!  OMG!  For $0.64!  Wow!  So I got 3 (for now) and they are so good – just as I remember.

I was shocked to see them but it really made my night!

Now if I can just find WKD Blue and Briska (my favorite alcoholic drinks overseas), I would be set.


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