The Riesling Incident

Maybe it was from the compost bin under the sink.  Maybe it was from keeping our screened-in porch door open for the cats.  Perhaps it was from the bananas that sat on the sink for awhile.  In any case, we had fruit flies in our kitchen.  I only saw 2, so I decided to set out my fruit fly trap.

While my aunt swears by apple cider vinegar with soap in it, I don’t have any apple cider vinegar on hand.   Since my parents were here, and being mostly of German ancestry, I did have a large amount of Riesling – a German white wine.  So I poured my unwelcomed house guests a glass of wine.

And it worked.

I don’t feel so bad about letting them drown in wine.  I mean, there are worse ways to go than face down in a good white wine.

Figuring I would only catch the couple hanging around the kitchen, I was wrong.  Within a day, as show, I  had  7.  3 days later, I had 17.  The General ended up throwing out my little wine party because he was getting grossed out by the massive amount of Drosophila melanogaster in the wine.  There are still a few buzzing around the kitchen.  They, too, will fall under the Riesling’s spell.   Bwahahahahaha!!


One thought on “The Riesling Incident

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