Have fun in the sun, get laid in the shade

I’m a lil sad summer is winding down. All our summer guests have returned home and no one else is lined up to come hang with us at the beach. The days are slowly getting shorter and the cooler weather is almost here.  I love the humidity and 40C beach days in the sun. What can I say? I love North Carolina.  I am not excited for wetsuit season. I hate wearing it. It’s so restrictive and I can’t feel the ocean.

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a random roadtrip for the General and I.  We usually go somewhere around here, like Raleigh, but this year our summer day vacation is going to take us to Morehead City.  I laugh everytime I type/see/say Morehead City.  It’s the adolescent humor in me (hence the title of this post). ((I mean, really, how do high school students actually keep a straight face up there???))  The General’s been there many moons ago, but I have not, so we’re setting out to explore another port city.  I have no idea what’s there – a part of me just wants to show up and explore instead of researching.

I should be used to cities with weird names.  I lived in town called Normal for some time.  You have to laugh when you see “Normal Police” or “Normal Public Library.”

Ah, Morehead City.

This is going to be an interesting car ride.


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