Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

The storm activity in the Atlantic was suppose to be “textbook” this year for bad storms.  It was benign all summer until this week.

Danielle turned into a Category 4 storm (the ranking only goes up to 5), but luckily she’s going out to sea.  We just get the waves!  Huge, head high plus waves that are suppose to arrive this weekend. I can’t be out there because it would be like a putting a 15 year old into a NASCAR race: I’d be out of my league and probably get hurt.

Earl looks like it’s heading towards us, at least the 5 day tracking cone is predicting it.

And now there’s another storm that has the possibility to develop into a hurricane.  Yikes.

While I am still a hurricane virgin, I like the excitement; I love a good storm. I messed around back in 2007 with Tropical Storm Ernesto and ended up spending the night at work cuz we locked down.  Hurricanes were so much more fun when I hand renters insurance….


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