Pennies from Heaven

I find pennies just about everywhere.  I always joke I think I was a raven in a past life because I love shinny objects and they always catch my eye.

I never thought much of it until my small group leader said that it’s a sign from God – He is thinking of us.  It’s a simple reminder that we need to trust Him.  After all, this shinny little metal coin has “In God We Trust” stamped right on it.

I always smile big when I find a penny with my birth year, my husband’s birth year, the year we met or the year I gave my life to Christ.

When we were thinking about selling our last house, right as the housing bubble collapsed on itself (I never had good timing – its genetic), because we found out a major highway was going to be 5 feet from our property line.  We found a timeline for said road on the DOT website; we had 7 years til construction.  I remember canvassing our neighborhood for flyers in our cookie cutter neighborhood to see what houses like ours were selling for.  They were  listed at prices far below what we paid.  My heart sank.  The math was obvious.  We’d have to take a massive loss on our house.  As I took the flyer with a heavy heart to show The General what we were up against, I found a penny right in front of me.  I smiled.  Yes, Lord, I know, you have it all figured out and it will work itself out for Your glory.  It’s not about me.  I know,  I know.  Thanks for the reminder.

We sold our house in 6 weeks, a couple thousand less than listed.  We still look a loss, but it was only several thousand.  A wash, I call it.  I’m now in my dream home.  Sometimes I forget that the Lord has the final say.  I get so caught up in my own little world and my logical “let’s fix it now” brain goes into overdrive which goes into worry – not good – I have to let Him take control and trust His timing.

Now I find pennies all over our neighborhood when I’m out running, especially when I’m thinking through something with my own strength.  The General finds them, too.  My in-laws gave us this crystal vase  that we keep on the foyer table and we keep all the pennies (and occasional dimes) we find in it.  You can’t see the bottom anymore.

I write this because I was picking up something for dinner and a snack later tonight (I shop like a German) at Food Lion.  As I’m walking down the main aisle by the cash registers, a penny comes rolling in right in front of my path.  CRAZY!!  I picked it up and smiled at God.  How freakin’ cool.  The year was 2001.

Anyone else find random pennies everywhere?


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