355mL of heaven

…..with 30mL of some clear stuff from Puerto Rico….

After living in this AMAZING state for 4 years, I have never tried the patron cola of North Carolina:

I tried this beautiful cherry cola tonight.  I think I’m in love.  It’s like liquid red velvet cake.  Wow.  How did I miss this?

I’m not what you’d call a heath nut, but I do watch what I eat and I don’t drink pop.  Unless it contains rum.  And that itself is rare, so tonight I’m hanging out with my new best friend, Mr. Barcadi, and The General.

Live from Wilmington, it’s Saturday night!


One thought on “355mL of heaven

  1. It is absolutely ridiculous that you have lived in the south for this long and never tried Cheerwine! CRAZY!!!!!! I love it. And miss it terrible now that I have returned to the great north. Drink a can for me!

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