Search & Destroy – The Epic Battle of Drosophila melanogaster

Forget Star Wars.  Or Lord of the Rings.

I had the most epic battle scene in my house and I did not have a film crew on hand.

The past week has brought 20″ of rain to our region in 4 days.  With it being so yucky outside, we hadn’t been real good about taking out our compost bin under the sink.  I opened it the other day and let about 10 fruit flies out.  As soon as the weather broke, I was going out there.

Well, as we’re preparing for our flight to Illinois by cleaning up the kitchen, The General sneaks up behind me to put our tea bags into the compost bin.  Before I could scream, “Noooooo!” in slow motion, just like what I’m sure opening the Ark of the Covenant could only unleash, a CLOUD of fruit flies aka Drosophila melanogaster flies out in my kitchen.

The General released ~300 fruit flies.  In my house.  Oh.  My.  God.

So we went on a search and destroy mission.

The General was ordered by yours truly to go to the store and buy the cheapest Riesling wine he could find. (How embarrassing to have guests over and nothing to offer!)

I grabbed the only tool I could think of: a vacuum cleaner.  With the hose attachment, I was able to suck up tons of enemy troops with my VMD (vacuum of mass destruction).  The General laughed at me, but it was effective.

We left for the Cornfields of Illinois and returned to what I would I would call sweet victory: all 4 wine glasses were covered in dead fruit flies and after another round of VMD warfare, the fruit fly population in my house is at acceptable levels.  I’m hoping the few left behind find that glass of Riesling soon.

This trumps The Riesling Incident by astronomical proportions.

Final Score:
The General’s Wife: 280
Drosophila melanogaster: 20


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