The Tradition Continues

Ever since I started surfing, almost every year I seem to have a surfing-related trip to Urgent Care.  In fact, the only reason I’ve been to an Urgent Care was because of  a surfing accident.

  • Board flipped upside down and somehow ran my hand into between the thumb and pointer finger with the fin.  Huge bruise with lots of pain – I thought I broke my hand.  Nope, just a contusion.
  • Bailed off a bad wave, surfaced, and couldn’t find my board.  As I’m looking around, *WHAM* board hits me in the face, causing my tooth to puncture my lower lip all the way through.  30 stitches later, I was healed and you can’t even see the scar

This year was just stupid.  During Hurricane Earl, I got worked (read: tossed around by a wave underwater) and water ended up in my ear.  It was annoying, but I was not in pain.  It’s still there.  Alcohol ear drops stopped working and my hearing was getting so bad, I had a hard time at work.  Finally, I decided to get it looked at today by a fellow surfer who was also a PA.  He flushed out my ears (It was like cleaning out an old coffee pot – the junk that game out was CRAZY), gave me some antibiotics that I wasn’t allergic to, plus nose spray (my sinuses were getting plugged up because my ears were so plugged….).  I still have some water behind my eardrum, but I love being able to hear again in surround sound and not like I’m in a tin can.

So, yes, I can hear me now.


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