Sex Is Great & Wine Is Fine, OMG I’m 29

I turned 29 on Friday and it’s just been downhill (health wise) ever since: a crown I got right after college has suddenly decided it’s not happy hanging out in my upper jaw and the pain is to the point where I can’t close my jaw all the way.  I never take OTC pain meds, but even naproxin – I fly on this stuff – didn’t cut the pain.  I got a cold (more about that in a moment), a flu shot, and a goose egg on my head all in the past week.  I’m running slower.  I’m not old!  What is going on?  My General is in his 4th decade of life and is fairing better than myself.  I certainly hope it’s just a phase, because it’s going to be pretty sad if I can’t keep up with him.

My 29th b-day was freakin’ awesome.  I started the morning with a 5k run, hung out with my amazing husband before he went to work, and relaxed.  Then I poured myself a big glass of Scuppernog Blush (a muscadine wine) and sat on my back porch, taking in the beautiful autumn afternoon with Katie (my calico kitty) and Jesus.  Yes, I got a wine buzz during my quiet time.  It was so awesome!

I also made myself a birthday cake with a twist.  I am a conglomerate of different things, so I thought I would project that into a cake.  It was a 3 layer cake: Funfetti, Chocolate Fudge, and Red Velvet connected together with vanilla frosting.  Sounds promising, right?  Well, I have no formal training in stacking a cake and this fact soon became quite obvious.  I didn’t shape the layers before I slapped them together.  The cake had a bit of an arc, and the sides didn’t match up — my cake was muffin-topping itself.  Unlike mudding drywall, adding more frosting to the gaps did not help.  Then the next morning it cracked down the middle from the weight of a arc (can’t tell I’m the daughter of a mechanical engineer, can you?)  It just added character: “Blest are cracked, for they let in the light.”  In the past few days, the cake has sunk further in on itself.  Despite the F+ grade on presentation, the cake tasted amazing, if I do say so myself.

My friends Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda (not their real names, but we decided we each exhibit personality qualities from the Sex and the City girls minus the sexual promiscuity) went out for a night downtown Wilmington.  It was filled with random stories and lots of laughter.  I needed that after a week of work hell.  If looking for a fun place to eat, check out the The Little Dipper and ask for their a la carte menu. Super cheap and very yummy fondue – may I suggest the chocolate kiss martini?  I could have had a whole make-out session, so good and worth $9.  They had some basic rules for the fondue virgins, but they added their own rule:

A Little Dipper rule to remember – if the food falls off your fondue fork while cooking in the pot, you must kiss the person beside you or buy them a drink!

Miranda, who had a cold, was sitting to my right.  We kept joking about it and how I was going to get sick.  I had a near-miss with some bread in the cheese (omg, the Chedder Ale fondue was AMAZING!!!), but thankfully there was no kissing and since Miranda rocked it out as the DD, buying more drinks wasn’t an option. In any case, my throat is on fire and my nose is stuffy.  I swear I have a fever, even tho my temp is 36.1 C.  It’s hell when you get old.

We hit up a upscale bar downtown, The Calico Room. I got a free glass of wine, and we saw Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill with her boyfriend.  It was even more ironic for me because I am watching the series on DVD and spent most of the early  morning watching her as Brooke.  She looks so different without the perfect lighting and make-up, but still a very beautiful woman.  I was a bit starstruck.  That party wined down quickly, so we left for Pravda, a Russian bar downtown that has incredible lemon drops.  It was quite the club scene, everyone got their groove on (I was too sober to get on the dance floor)!  I got asked, a couple of times, no one seemed to notice my huge engagement ring.  I politely declined.  On the way back to the car, groups of guys standing outside commented on our beauty every time we passed. Heehee.  We make one hot group, that’s for sure!

Proof I’m getting old?  I put on my blouse to go out and decided to put a tank top underneath it because it was so low cut.

Outside of the aches and pains of an aging body, turning 29 has been wonderful!

It’s going to be an awesome year.


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