Neue Deutsche Härte

I found this awesome new band, Eisbrecher aka Ice Breaker while listening to a Rammstein Pandora channel.  I love Rammstein, although their lyrics are pretty hardcore at points, the sound is amazing.  I never realized that Rammstein is its own genre: Neue Deutsche Haerte or New German Hardness.  It’s a mix of electronica, heavy metal, and rock with the lyrics in German and some English thrown in here and there.  From the little I have listened to, they lyrics aren’t as bad as Rammstein, but I definitely wouldn’t put them anywhere near a Christian category.  I’ve learned such words as “schwartze witwe” — black widow; “narkotisch” — narcotics.  Again, like Rammstein, to learn the language using the lyrics to get around isn’t a good idea.

I totally forgot I had this audio book on learning key German phrases for the traveller – it’s 50 minutes long with the line in English, German, and then a pause so you can say it. I really suck at the tongue of my ancestors so far, I am slaughtering the language while listening to it in the car. I figure on my commute to work I will try to do something useful instead of belting out Rammstein lyrics.  Although it is a good remedy after a bad night!

My favorite German word so far?  Flug.  Pronounced “Flewg.”  It means “flight” as in, “What time does the flight arrive?”  Listening to a native German say it cracks me up everytime.

The best song I’ve come across is Fanatica (Fanatic).


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