Kids everywhere!

It’s been about a month, so I feel I should blog about my new endeavor: working the door at Sunday School in the 4 year old room. Oh, and did I mention a normal service has over 1,000 people? Yeah. It’s crazy, but it makes me smile.

I’ve harped on kids for years. I don’t like them at work, I’ve avoided churches where I would be expected to volunteer in the nursery, and at the age of 23 decided I would be barren. I still have not actually held a baby (I will hold them when they are 13 months and up). So I thought 4 year olds would be a good choice. I’m logical, you can reason with them to a degree; none of this screaming neonate stuff.  And they can go to the bathroom by themselves.  Huge bonus.

I scared a lot of people when I told them what I was doing – like my husband.  My background check cleared – the Lord led me to it and wanted to do something at church – my kooky schedule doesn’t allow normal people hours to do stuff.  And honestly, I was scared.  What the hell am I doing?  I avoid elevators with children.  My fallopian tubes tied themselves in knots on a flight from Dublin to Paris because of children.  I am a loading dock/mixer board/arrange chairs/strike the set kind of girl.  But the thing was, I’ve done all that.  I love it and I miss it, but it’s an experience I’ve already enjoyed.  I don’t ever want to be pigeon-holed.  My motto in life is the same as Monty Python’s:  And now for something completely different.

I think a small part of it is the curiosity.  Most of my friends are on Baby #2 and they blog and status update and talk about their little ones.  I haven’t been around children in 12 years.  I used to be very active in VBS, working with autistic kids, and being a summer camp counselor (summer of hell) – but I got away from all that in college and beyond.  Things change.

And just like I love spinach now, maybe they’re changing again.  While I can’t be a mom, I can rock it out as an auntie and facilitating check-in to a huge Sunday School class.

I’m like a bouncer in a way, but one Sunday I did sit in on a class as “crowd control.”  4 year olds are very weird.  They say things that don’t make sense.  They have the attention span of a HSN news clip.  They will try to kiss you (My response?  “I’m married, please don’t kiss me.”)  I’m so used to self-motivating adults, that this is a huge stretch for me.  I have to tell you to pick up the puzzle you just threw on the floor?  Really?  C’mon!

Really, it’s a very structured environment, helping these little ones learn about the Lord who loves them so much.  I’m glad I get to be part of that.

The cutest thing so far?  After the teacher reads a short Bible story, it’s snack time.  The girls get up first to find a chair, sit, and then the boys follow.  My face registered confusion as to why the genders split up as if on cue.  “Would someone like to explain to The General’s Wife why the girls get to go 1st?” asked the teacher.  One little boy raised his hand and answered, “It’s because we’re learning to be  gentlemen by letting the girls go 1st.”  Melted my heart.  How amazing is that? Awwww.

I have no idea where this is going to go.  Is it my calling?  I don’t know.  I’ll serve in this role until I feel the Lord tug me in another direction.


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