While I am Christian and I believe that your soul goes to heaven or hell, I do believe sometimes some rouge energy remains behind.  I mean, the human body is nothing but a slew of a chemical reactions where energy is released.  I’ve had a few strange paranormal experiences in my day that my logic can not explain away although I try.

The day we moved in our house, The General was fiddling with the radio in the living room and I was on the landing of the stairs when we heard a muffled woman’s voice talking, unable to distinguish any words.  We both looked at each other.  “That wasn’t the radio, was it?” I asked him.  “No.”  It was the weirdest sound, like the person was in the room with us, but talking into a pillow.  There was a cable guy outside, but it was just us.  No woman was around the house outside either, we checked.  Where did the voice come from? No idea.

A day or so later, The General was out in the garage and I was upstairs.  He came back in and yelled, “What?”  “What?  I didn’t say anything.”  “You didn’t yell for me in the garage?”  “No.”  The hair on his arm was standing up.  Strange.  The phantom woman’s voice again.

Since then we haven’t heard anymore voices.  Our house is 11 years old and according to the deed, we bought the home from the original owners who are still living.  No one died in the house (my Bible study leader says they’re suppose to disclose at the closing in NC if someone did die in the house, but our closing was so FUBAR I wouldn’t be surprised if that part was missed.)  The General brainstormed that Confederate troops may have passed through our neighborhood during the Civil War (a major battle happened about 12 miles from here) – maybe someone’s buried near-by or some residual energy is still burning.

Last night, the General mentioned something that has brought up more weird stuff: closet doors will be randomly opened when he comes home from work at night.  The 2 guest linen closets, the front hall closet, and the walk-in utility closet in the kitchen all seem to be open.  I always figured it was The General who didn’t latch the door all the way.  He thought it was me.  Heh.  The doors latch well; they don’t pop open nor do they move in a vacuum, like when you open the front door and the air pressure changes. We can’t explain it.

So we’ve made a conscious effort to keep the doors latched to see if they move.  Perhaps it is all within the laws of physics.  Maybe it’s because we watch too many episodes of Ghost Hunters on SyFy and we’re just missing a completely logical reason.

But not everything can be explained logically in this world.



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