A new experience in the bedroom

The General and I grew up in regions where snow abounded in winter and heat waves were considered above freezing.  Now that we call NC home, we keep our house cold all winter because we’re cheap, trying to help the environment, and it’s how we grew up.  Cold?  Put on a sweater.

Climbing into bed at night is very chilling experience – it’s so cold and it takes awhile for it warm up (I believe less is more in the pajama department)!  The General suggested getting flannel sheets for the winter – I had never slept in flannel sheets.  While I was at JC Penny yesterday, I found flannel sheets (with snowflakes!) for 50% off!!!!  Woo hoo!

So last night was the 1st night I slept in flannel sheets.  OMG.  So freakin’ warm!  I don’t think I’ve been that warm and toasty since I was swaddled as an infant.  It was amazing.  Even when I got up in the middle of the night to get some water and came back to bed, I didn’t have to try ball up in attempts get warm.

I ❤ flannel sheets.


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