Happy Merry Thanksmas

Due to the nature of our chosen MOS, spending the holidays with far away family on the actual holiday usually doesn’t happen.  It takes a lot of planing and some luck.  This year we were not so lucky.  Instead, the weekend after Thanksgiving we drove up the Cocaine Corridor (aka I-95) to see my husband’s sister in Virginia for our “Happy Merry Thanksmus” — The combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year all combined into 1 weekend of awesomeness.

My BIL and SIL are freakin’ awesome people.  I could not ask for better in-laws.  My 2 nieces (3rd grade and 6th grade) and nephew (almost 2) were a blast as well.  We played lots of games like a boardgame of Twilight (the girls are slightly obsessed, um, Go Team Jacob!), battleship, and Truth or Dare Jenga.  There are truths or dares written on the pieces so I was asked questions like, “Have you gone anywhere without underwear?” and “Imitate someone in the room” and “Ever gone skinny dipping?”  It’s one thing when you’re playing with adults, it’s another when you’re playing with small children.  And for the record, yes, I graduated from college without underwear because I packed it accidently, I can’t imitate the General very well, and I went skinny dipping by myself in a Lake Huron cove eons ago.

A game I played for the 1st time (which I found is quite infamous in this family I married into) was spoons.  Apparently, at Grandma’s house back in the day, this was quite the cutthroat game.  The General and his sister talked about how people would get hurt, tables would be broken, and the older cousin who always won because he could push everyone out of the way.  I had never played before.  It was a blast!  We were laughing so hard and had a great time.  I was the 1st person out, but since it was my 1st game, it was all good.  The General ended up being crowned champion.

The worst part of the weekend?  My sinus cavity.  I’m on cold/sinus infection #2 of the season, so I was quite miserable the whole time.  I have a box-a-day kleenex habit, a jar of cocoa butter for my sore nose, and I look like I have been out drinking all night.  I HATE BEING SICK AND NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE!  I’m willing to trade up (down?) for the stomach flu; at least I can breathe with it.  My “voo-doo tea”/herbal tea wasn’t working in the long term and I can sleep with diphenhydramine-induced dreams.  I have what the General had last week – it lasted 2 weeks for him!  I’m on day #4.  This can’t go on for 2 weeks, I will die (but if it does, buy stock in Kimberly-Clark because I will buy out the remaining supply of kleenexes).  Today it feels like it’s on it’s way out – or maybe it’s just gathering strength.  In any case,  I don’t want to be banished to the blue bedroom at 3am again because my nose-blowing keeps the General from his beauty sleep.

In 2 weeks, we ship off to the Rust Belt to see the General’s parents and the other nephew.  I’m excited, even though it will be cold.  My hope is that it snows a lot so we’ll be suck there for awhile and not have to go to work, ha!  I just hope my cold is gone by then.

I’m out of kleenex and it isn’t even lunch time yet.


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