The balsa wood plane has ice on the rubber band


“Wasting away in the Rust Belt, looking for my de-icer and scraper. People say it’s a snow storm to blame, but I know it’s just too damn cold.”

Our puddle jumper prop plane out of this winter wonderland has ice in the engine and so we wait for a technician to show up….who’s about an hour away. Granted, I’d rather be delayed 2 hours than to find this problem via the black box. Still, when one sets an alarm for a 0345 wake up time, one expects to be on their way to the sunny skies of the Carolinas within the hour. Ah, such is life – complete with my curse – an unhappy toddler is on my flight. Yay.

My visit here with the General’s parents was awesome. I am so relaxed; my brain is rested from the lab chaos, I gained 10kg because my MIL is an amazing cook, and between the chocolatiers and the price of booze, I could hang my hat here for awhile. We’re going to miss the monstrous snow storm heading this way – if we get on a plane soon. Some more highlights:

* My 18 year old nephew is a self proclaimed atheist.
* I would test positive for GSR. Got to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights with 2 hand guns and a rifle at a shooting range.
* Saw a community dinner theatre Xmas musical that had great singers and terrible scene changes that required no set movements. They should have been seamless. Lots of good songs, tho!
* Saw the inside of a semi truck sleeper. 10 gears? I could do it.
* Drove with the General in a Chevy 4×4 through snow-packed country dirt roads to go skiing….but the trails were closed due to hunting. The scenery was breath-taking.
* Saw the Twilight movie Eclipse.
* Spent some quality time with the couple who raised an amazing son.


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