Haunting Update

Well, it seems the randomness of the front closet door opening is of my own doing.  I’m 99% sure I’m the “ghost” and don’t close the closet door all the way.  I’ve noticed it a couple of times.  Except for once.

And, of course, once I get that figured out something else starts.

As I was leaving for work yesterday, I found Katie (my diva calico cat) in the garage, where she isn’t suppose to be.  The upstairs door that leads into our room over the garage was wide open.  It’s an entry door, with a door handle lock.  I shut the door, locked it, and bribed Katie with food to get her back inside.  I haven’t touched the door in recent memory.  I called the General at work to see if he had gone out of it that day (sometimes the door isn’t shut all the way and air pressure will cause it to open).  He had gone out of it last week (before our trip), but not that day.


I must admit I was a little freaked out.  Something is going on, but I’m not sure if it’s a paranormal thing or just the way our house reacts to changes in air pressure.  Stay tuned for more updates.

And in a completely  unrelated thread (….or is it?), our receiver blew.  We need a new one.  Bummer.


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