Small Town, Volume III

More random police blotter stories from my small hometown…..(these are actually real)…..

  • A farmer called police after finding someone had driven a rod of rebar in the middle of his field, in an apparent attempt to damage his equipment during the harvest.  The police report said the machinery shut off when it hit the rebar, preventing more damage.
  • Someone burned 2 garbage cans set at the curb in front of a home.  The victim told police that the 32 gallon cans were valued at $15 each, and were burned between 2200 and 0630.
  • A man was taken to a local hospital after his car went off the road, hit a culvert, and rolled over.  He said he swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle with its high beams on.
  • A resident told police that several guns were taken from his home during the previous week. Guns stolen inlcuded: an AK47, .22 rifle, .223 Ruger, 0.22 handgun with ammo, 9mm pistol,  .380 handgun, a 1929 single shot shotgun, .40 rifle, and a .22 Ruger with total value at $58,750.
  • Police found a driverless vehicle rolled from a parking space into a fence, damaging the fence.
  • Police on patrol found a damaged stop sign.
  • A pool liner at a home was destroyed with someone threw 6 metal patio chairs into an above ground pool.
  • A garage door was found dented.  The owner told police that someone apparently threw landscape brinks and it and also stole a patio chair.

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