Looking ahead to 2011

The General and I have really enjoyed the holidays this year, so much in fact, we are both a little soft in the middle.  The General announced that 2 January our house will be purged of junk and it’s back to healthy eating.  (This is typical of him.  Last 2 January we packed up 1/2 of our belongings to stage our house to sell it.)  My body is not bikini ready.  And so, the changes for 2011 are already on the horizon:


Body sculpting.
I want to have a fit, toned body for the summer.  I’ve always strived for it in the past, but I never actually met my goal.  This time I’m coming at it from different angles.  I’ve started to do some yoga poses to help with my balance, flexibility, and strengthen the muscles that don’t get much attention from running (here’s looking at you, quadriceps!)   My arms have always been my trouble spot, so in addition to yoga, I’m using the Pilates method with 5lb free weights, and using a chin up bar (the General and I are in an “arms race” to see who can do the 1st dead man pull up). I’m going to up my milage and speed in running for cardio — and surfing once the ocean unfreezes.  It’s too cold even for my 4/3!  And of course, eating right.  My BMI currently, is 22.7 – I’m in perfect weight range for my 5’7 145 lb body.  My worry is that I’m constantly rationalizing my weight gain.  When I graduated high school, I was 130lbs.  College, I was 135.  I used to be 140, but now I’m edging closer to 150 on some days.  I’d love to be 130 again, but I would settle for 135.  No worries, this is not anorexia – I am not fat by any means – I just want to lose 10-15 lbs.  130 would be my absolute lowest I would allow myself to go.  During a rather stressful time in college, I weighed 123lbs and I looked terrible.  Ugh – I will not do that again!  This will be the 1st time I’ve ever lost weight the healthy way — so it will be a challenge for me.  I tend to be an all-or-nothing type when it comes to this, so I need to watch myself.  And the General is along side me in the venture (who likes me the way I am!).

Lots of friends shuffling all over this year. A good friend I made here (Miranda) is moving back to Texas for a short spell.  I am going to miss her so much, hopefully she will be back for good once the summer rolls around.  One of my best friends from high school (who is my opposite in every way, but is really an awesome person) is making plans to move to Wilmington!  Yay!  She’s gonna get her own place and scope out the job scene here in hopes of transferring through the company she is currently with up north.  Another friend and hubby who I haven’t seen here since our wedding might be coming this summer with their new baby!  Plans are still up in the air, but there’s a possibility!    One of my best friends from college is going to stay with us for a week or so before she leaves for a 6 month overseas mission trip!  I am so excited to have her stay with us! And the friends I haven’t met yet – it’s going to be a great year.

There’s a possibility some changes are coming to my career.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

I turn 30 this year and have decided the General and I are taking a trip to celebrate it.  I haven’t decided what: Las Vegas?  New York? A cruise?  Something I haven’t done or seen before!  I want to tour around Washington DC with my General.  Spend a weekend in Charleston, SC again.  I’m driving with Miranda back to Texas for the ultimate roadtrip through the southern states I haven’t been to and flying home.  There’s talk about the General’s side of the family renting a beach house in the Outer Banks – another place I haven’t been to – some random summer adventure for sure!  I still have not made it to the mountains of North Carolina – maybe this year will be that year!

There’s so much to look forward too, and of course, there will be surprises along the way.

I can’t wait.


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