A Spa Day

Back when I was in the 8th grade, our school (due to overcrowding) had split shifts — both my parents were at work, my 4th grade sister’s classes started at 0730 — and the bell didn’t ring for me until 1045.  This meant I had most mornings to myself – a Godsend in a very tumultuous stage of life – and household.  It was then I reveled in the silence: no yelling, screaming, blaring TV – just me.

To keep my balance, on Friday mornings, I would have a spa day.  I would go out for a run, about 2.5 miles, come home and draw a bubble bath complete with bath salts and candles.  The music playing was always the same: Seal’s debut CD and selections from The Beatles Anthology Volume II (I was 14, my internet was dial-up, Pandora wasn’t invented yet, and I had a cassette walkman) – it was the most relaxing music I had.  I would put on a facial mask, exfoliate with foot scrub, and use fun smelling body wash.  It was awesome just to soak and let my mind unwind and relax.

I haven’t done a “spa day” in several years – I was living among corn stalks the last time I had one.  It’s officially Friday morning in my corner of the world, so at 0200 I did a spa day.

I had the week from hell.  No, the stuff they scrape out of hell. That summed up my week.

The new computer system, once all the bugs are exterminated fixed, we use the system for what it was designed for instead of our “work around,” will be a wonderful tool.  Until then, it is utter chaos.  The entropy we are experiencing is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my field.  I could go into gory detail about what is going on, but it would bore anyone to tears who’s never been in a lab coat.  Imagine your neighborhood after a tornado…..damage and disarray everywhere……that’s about how it is.  And then not knowing how to fix it.  Or find anything.

Tonight I only stayed for 12 hours – mainly because I found a major problem and fixed it (I win!) and they stop selling alcohol at 0200 so I knew I had to get out before then to stop at the grocery store for some much needed/earned bottle of wine ($4/bottle — I’m a cheap drunk).  Day 1 I was there 17 hours – I left because my legs hurt so much – never run a 5k before a 17 hour day.  It’s just bad.  Day 2 I was scheduled off but offered 7 hours of my life that I will never get back; even then it was complete disorganization.  Today was Day 3, slightly better, but I finally stopped using customer service niceties and just told them how it was.  In a dead pan, I-stopped-caring-several-days-ago-would-you-like-to-speak-to-a-manager-this-is-my-name-so-you-can-write-me-up-I’m-sure-it’s-my-fault tone of voice.  I was too stressed to be jumping everytime the person on the other end of the line said “How high?”  Mainly it was because I didn’t know how to fix everything that was going wrong….I hate that feeling of helplessness.  And my co-workers were in the same boat.

Hence the spa day.

I feel much better now.  I did a whole yoga routine instead of running (running at night in Wilmington = bad idea), got a glass of wine in me (11% by volume baby, yeah!), did a facial mask and exfoliated my face and feet, all while relaxing to Delerium (I added to my Seal/Beatles playlist), with candles for the ultimate relaxation.  The General was working the graveyard shift tonight, so it was just me  – just like it was back in the day – except now there isn’t yelling and screaming – I just like my alone time.

In the words of Paul McCartney:
“I have to admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time – it can’t get much worse.”



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