I did end up wearing the midriff bearing shirt (a tight blue sequin number coupled with a mini knit jacket) and it worked well – especially with 5″ heels.  A lady in the group exclaimed, “You dress like that and you’re married?!”  I was taken aback, because outside of the crest of my hips, everything else was covered conservatively.  She meant it as a compliment, going with the stereotype of all married women gain 20 pounds and only buy clothes from Cold Water Creek.  Ha!  The party was awesome!

I’ve lost 3 more pounds, down to 141.  Woo hoo!  Diet and exercise, baby!  Eating smaller portions minus most sugary treats combined with running seems to be key.  And fruit.  Lots of fruit.  And tea.  And oats.

I’ve decided to plant a berry patch in my backyard: strawberries, raspberries – maybe something else.  I need to clear out a spot and get some serious top soil/compost going on to compete with the sand.  I hoped to start that today, but it keeps raining.

Re-doing our living room is almost complete!  The General is using glass ties for our fireplace surround.  Now that it’s up, I’m not sure it works.  It doesn’t go with the decor of the room and it kinda looks like it fell out YMCA circa 1980.  It’s yet to be grouted with white, so hopefully that will finish it off and make it pop.  I love the idea and I think it’s a nifty way to decorate.  I’ll post a picture once it’s done.

Water temp jumped to 13C – or 55F – it’s officially warm enough for my 4/3 wetsuit.  I’m just not so sure it’s warm enough for me yet.  I like the water to be at least 62+ – what can I say?  I’m a fairweather surfer.  Later this month I’m going into the soup as long as the waves are good. Woo hoo, summer is on it’s way!

Katie, my calico kitty, likes ice cream.  She’s a 11 pounds of sugar in an 8 pound bag in terms of being a fat cat – but I just let her lick a little off a spoon.  Everytime I open the freezer now I have a furry little body right by me with big eyes looking up at me. I think I’ve created a monster.  Oops.


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