Friends are friends forever

I learned recent that my best friend from high school, Pat, is moving to Wilmington this summer!  How crazy is that?!  She’s come down the past couple of summers with her significant other to hang out at the beach and stay with us.  She’s going to come down this spring to check out the apartment scene and hopefully transfer through the company she works for.  What’s even more interesting is how different we are.  In high school we were cut from the same cloth, but now we have completely different lifestyles.  Half way through college, she came out as bisexual. Totally did not see that coming at all!  By the end of college, she decided she wanted to transgender into male.  Whoa.  While she has the clearance to get testosterone, she hasn’t had surgery nor the hormone injections, so she’s essentially a female living and dressing like a guy – and being so thin and lanky, she looks like one too.  Luckily her name is androgynous, although she’s toyed with the idea of changing it.  She doesn’t shave and wears board shorts with a sports bra and t-shirt to the beach.  Despite all the pronoun changes, I can’t bring myself to refer to her as a “he.”  In my heart, Pat will always be Pat.  Despite all the changes, the core person is still there – the one I became friends with in the 5th grade.

While I do not  agree with the homosexual culture, I don’t shun people of that world either.  Yes, the Bible states – rather plainly – that it is wrong.  The Bible also says other things are wrong like fornication among heterosexuals.  Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman at the well – a HUGE social taboo for Jews – He didn’t judge her, he pointed her towards the Father.  Just like everyone else, we all have issues that are contrary to the Bible.  I make my friends based on who they are at their core and their heart, not who they are sexually.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to having a little slice of my home life here!

I wonder how this chapter of our friendship will be in this time and place.


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