Smokin’ the roaches

I understand here in the southland that roaches are just part of life — unlike Illinois, where if you have roaches, you have a serious hygiene problem.  I’m a pretty clean person, a germaphobe if you will, but I keep finding “waterbugs” (that’s NC for large roaches) in my dishwasher.

Yes, my dishwasher.

Sure it’s dark, it’s got bits of food, water…’s like a roach resort. I don’t think I’m closing the dishwasher til it latches and they sneak in – especially at night.   I’m a bit squeamish about them, so I scream like a little girl every time I see one.  I’ve gotten really good at killing them with my shoe in the dishwasher.  All those places to hide and they run up the side.  Bad move.  At 1st, I got the General to do the execution, but he let 1 get away and the other time he suggested (when 2 of them were in there!) to just run the dishwasher.  Excuse me?  With bits of roach + germs all over my dishes?!  Agh!  So now I officially have  the title of roach executioner.  I always run the dishwasher postmortem.

Any ideas on how to limit these uninvited guests crashing what’s left of a dinner party?  The rest of the house is clear except for the confounded dishwasher.


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