The royal couple stole my wedding idea!

Let me 1st start off by saying I don’t like weddings.  I regret not eloping on a beach with just The General and me and 2 random people to sign as witnesses.

Anyway, despite this fact, I got up at 0600 to watch William & Kate’s wedding.  Why?  Well, 2 reasons: sheer curiosity and it was in London that I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my General. Also, for the last big royal wedding I had my view obstructed by an abdominal wall:  I spent Summer 1981 vacationing in the womb (great warm weather, excellent food and room service!).

So here are how they stole my wedding ideas:

  • I, too, was married on a weekday – a Thursday at 1300.  Odd?  Yeah, I’m just that crazy.
  • I used an Angelican ceremony format and edited it to make it my own.  It’s so poetic and it flows beautifully.  It held that London connection for me, too. And we’re non-denom. Well, the General is a disenfranchised Catholic that’s another story.
  • My sister was my “attendant” — I did not have a wedding party.  I didn’t feel the need to torture my friends with shoes and dresses and make them fly half way across the country for a 30 minute ceremony.  It seemed mean.
  • English composers populated my wedding (in sound, not body): Lawrence Juber played selections from Wings and The Beatles on a 6 string classical guitar.  Rachmaninoff wrote my processional.
Okay, so maybe they didn’t completely do there’s like mine (totally rocked a French bustle; American ones make me cringe).  I had 40 people, not 1200.  The mansion we were married in was built exactly 100 years before we met, not 1000.  I didn’t have any wedding showers or luncheons or portraits or souvenirs made in our honor.  They didn’t shut down Wilmington and it wasn’t projected onto a big screen for all to see.  In fact, none of my Dad’s 6 other brothers or sisters came.  And most of all, I don’t think I was a trend setter by any means!  Here’s a glimpse of my dress.  It’s about as much as you will ever see of me in a picture.  Trust me, this is my better side.

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