It ain’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle

I love to eat.  I love food.  It’s the 1/4 French Canadian in me.  This week, more by chance than by planning, I went vegetarian.  No meat.  I still ate cheese, dairy, etc.

I gained 2 pounds.  LOL.

It went fairly well and it wasn’t a struggle — giving up meat is like giving up alcohol: sure, I’ll miss it but I won’t crave it like I would Nutella.  Or chocolate.  Or sweets in general.  That would probably require a detox program to keep me in line.

I don’t plan to make this a permeant lifestyle change – there’s actually a term for it – flexitarian, or “semi-vegetarian.”  I usually order the vegetarian option when I’m out at a restaurant just because meat is expensive and it’s probably highly processed with tons of added Na+.  I won’t become militant about it either — I’m not going to say, “Oh, I’ve had meat twice this week, I’m done!”  If I’m offered a steak, I will eat it!  It’s just more of a direction; like trying to cut back on sweets and eat healthier in general.  I also have given up pop, unless it contains rum.  I really only drink tea or water now; juice, if it’s fresh.  I still love my martinis and glass of wine or cocktail — it’s just not as often.

I found the most amazing website that has all these yummy meal ideas on it – which include meat – the recipes are simple and gourmet that are bikini friendly.  I keep finding all these vegetarian websites that use ingredients I’ve never heard of.  Today I plan to make dinner off this website — if it turns out, I’ll post what I did 😉


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