Gettin’ hot in The Kitchn

I am really getting into this whole cooking thing.  And I’m not sure what spurred this all of a sudden, but I am enjoying the experiment.

Tonight for desert I made this ice box cake.  With real cream.

It seemed innocent enough until I did the math: my desert (total) is about 4,000 calories.  Even though it contains strawberries, it’s far from healthy.  A whopping 650ish grams of cholesterol with about 200 grams of fat.  I couldn’t figure out why everyone was saying to use Cool Whip instead.  I started having chest pains just looking that this awesome creation.  I used vanilla wafers instead of gram crackers (they were cheaper, lol).  Holy Atherosclerosis, Batman!

Tonight’s menu includes homemade pita bread (if this works out, I am set for life, I LOVE pita bread) with kabobs in a made-from-scratch marinade. Nom.  And for desert, we have a heart catheterization an ice box cake!

I’m not obsesed with this website, honest.

Oohh, oven preheated! Bring on the pita bread!


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