Another hot Carolina summer has arrived!  I love it!

The General and I were discussing different drink ideas to try and he brought up something that has never come up in our 5 years together: slush.  It was a frozen cocktail his mom used to put together with fruity ingredients and rum.  Rum?!  Within a few minutes, I had his mom on the phone to get this recipe.  Surprisingly simple, all you had to do was combine the ingredients and freeze ’em.  Because of the alcohol content, it won’t freeze, but turn to…..well, slush.


You need:
1 12oz can of orange juice concentrate
1 12oz can of  lemonade concentrate
About 12 oz of pineapple juice to taste (the canned stuff)
1/2 to full bottle of the cheapest clear rum you can find (depends on how strong you want to make it, I went all in)
Clear pop (Sierra Mist, Sprite, lemon-lime, etc)

Stir orange juice, lemonade, pineapple, and rum together and freeze.  When serving, fill your glass with half slush, half pop.  Next time I try this, I am going to use tonic water or club soda to save on calories!

It’s okay to drink after a couple of hours, it will be ice cold, but no slush will form.  Overnight seemed to be the trick: it was perfect slush.  Just be careful: it’s really concentrated with the rum, hence the pop.  And it’s a great way to cool off in a Carolina summer!


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