A little crispy around the edges

I made a promise to myself this summer: I would not work overtime.

I lied.

I’ve spent most of the summer at work.  It’s been good: we now get critical staffing pay (~$7 after Uncle Sam takes his cut) on top of time and a half.  Not bad.  The worst part?  It’s July and I feel like I’m wasting my summer.  The General has commented on this as well — our different schedules only let me see him just a few hours before or after my shift.  We did this for a month and half before we had a day off together.  That sucked.

So, after my 3rd weekend of double shifts (32 hours), I decided I am done.  Then it comes to Independence Day: we only have 2 people on the schedule.  We need a minimum of 5 to run the place.  I feel like I should take a slot; I’m hoping to use that as my bargaining chip.  I want Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day (and a few days around it) off because of family.

The General has a family reunion Labor Day and it’s a blast camping out in the hills on his Polish ancestor’s homestead.  As for Thanksgiving, for the 1st time in my adult life, I am hosting my parents (and my sister and my future BIL) down here in NC for a traditional southern Thanksgiving (which includes homemade macaroni and cheese).  I figured I’d work Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day to accommodate it.  Seeing as how I worked this past New Year’s Day, Easter, and Memorial Day…..I don’t know.

If I work the 4th of July, that will put me on a 7 day stretch, beginning with 2 double shifts back to back.  I was a hot mess when I came back for an 8 hour stint after my double last time.  I was pretty ugly to my co-workers.  While I can sleep in and take it easy the rest of the week before work, I still have to go into what can be a catastrophic day.  And because I’ve been there the longest, a lot of the times I am the lucky one who gets to put out fires, i.e. solve the problems that arise.

I feel I am starting to burn out……I’m a little scorched.

I’m not the only one.  The wildfires north of us in Pender County are finally in control after the massive rainstorm.  I awoke today to a very hazy morning, filled with smoke.  That killed our run, it couldn’t be good to breath all that in.  It’s clearing more now, so I think I’ll hit the pavement before work.

I’m off tomorrow…..I’m going to watch the sun rise at Kure Beach.  It’s been awhile and I think it will help set the tone for what could be the longest week ever.


One thought on “A little crispy around the edges

  1. Enjoy the sunrise…try to pace yourself as burnout is bad. So is burning the candle at both ends. I know you will do all you can and in the end I hope there is a pay out for you, not necessarily of the monetary version though the increase is nice. Take care my friend

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