Daybreak, 1 July


My goal for today was to relive my early am walks I did in the cornfields, watching daybreak arrive.

I got here just as it was in full swing, @ 0530, and I’m mad. The Lord woke us up @ 0300 with a false smoke alarm and I haven’t been to sleep since. Instead of coming to the beach, I tossed and turned. My alarm went off @ 5. I did a random genealogy search online before I realized the time.

It’s been so long since I’ve been out I forgot how fast daybreak arrives and I’m really upset with myself that I didn’t come out here straight away.


Maybe I’m not seizing the moments like I should and I’m procrastinating too much on stuff like booking trips, sunrises, talks I need to have, days off, and life itself.

I keep “waiting for the right time.” What if that right time isn’t on a clock?

Lots to ponder this morning as I watch the breakfast flock of pelicans….


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