The other day, The General and I found ourselves randomly walking around downtown Wilmington and we found 2 very awesome spots that are new….to us.

First was Filthy Rich, a jewelry store on North Front Street that has authentic replicates of famous jewelry pieces, from the earrings Vivien Leigh wore in Gone with the Wind, to a necklace Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing.  It’s expensive jewelry in my book ($55-$100+), but the pieces were beautiful.  I especially loved the ring from Casablanca — it’s still my favorite movie.

The second one had been around for many years, Old Books on Front Street, but they have a new location and a cafe among all the stacks!  I had no idea a cafe, Sugar on Front Street, was in there!  They only use whole ingredients too!  I didn’t have the chance to experience a drink there, but it is high on my list of places to go.   It’s such a chill place and the people there are very awesome — and off beat.  They’re not pushy corporate drones, they truly know their craft and do it well.  The General was looking for a particular book and they were most helpful!  I have a few books still left on my summer reading list, but when I’m done, I’m heading back there!



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