Attack of the amazing sandwiches in downtown Wilmington

I am not a critic by any means, but I do want to draw attention to some fabulous eateries downtown ILM….

Wayfarer Delicatessen
Tucked away on Front Street, south of Dock Street, is this gem of a place.  They have paninis and sandwiches of all sorts, something for every taste.  The menu is quite large for such a little spot.  Here’s a quick peek:


I went vegetarian with The Verduras Asadas – which means “roasted vegetables” in Spanish.  It was marvelous, one of the best I’ve had.  I traded in chips for potato salad (I’m nearly 75% German, I cannot resist der Kartoffelsalat!) for an extra $2.50 which I didn’t realize, but it’s printed several times in the menu, I was too distracted by the awesomeness of their food.  I was not impressed with the potato salad.  It was way too creamy for my tastes and I am hooked on The General’s family recipe, which is more traditional.  Oh, and the best part about all this European inspired fare?  The tax is included in the price on the menu.  Ah, so lovely.  I wish this would catch on in America beyond the gas pump.


Behold, The Verduras Asadas, in all it’s chlorophyllic glory!  The pesto did it for me.  I would eat drywall if it came with the pesto they used.

Chop’s Deli
After Bible study, I was looking for a new place to grab lunch.  My friend suggested Chop’s, over by the post office, also on Front Street. I decided to try it out.  I made a quick decision once I got there, all the choices were so good!  I didn’t know what to get!  I got one of their signature sandwiches, The Chicago.  The picture below only shows half the sandwich — the other half was eaten at this point.  My tastes are not used to medium rare roast beef, but it’s something I could get used to!  It was a very refreshing sandwich on a hot summer day in the Port City.  This place only takes cash or check, but luckily they have an ATM outside for those of us who only carry plastic.  I will totally go back.  And they have a veggie wrap, too!  Next time, Gadget, next time!



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