Small Town, volume V

It’s baaaaack!

  • Sheriff’s Police are investigating an incident Thursday, in which tow truck operators removed a vehicle stuck on an embankment near the river and were not paid for their work.  Police said 3 males left in the vehicle after it was removed but didn’t pay the company.
  • An 18 year old man was charged with driving without a valid license and disobeying a road closed sign.
  • Sheriff’s police charged 2 male juveniles, ages 13 and 11, with curfew violations at 2am Saturday.  Police said the 2 were found skateboarding in a parking lot.
  • The throttle, engine caps, and fuel lines were reported stolen from a 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle on Sunday.
  • 2 cars were report hit at 2 different parking lots in a 4 hour time frame.
  • Damage was estimated at $50 when a mailbox was found damaged.  Police said the post was bent and box could not be closed.
  • Someone stole 2 white metal outdoor folding chairs, a tan and green plastic garden seat, a green kneeling pad, and 2 wooden jack blocks from the campgounds.
  • A 16 year old was charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor.  They were arrested at the local high school.
  • Someone used a resident’s social security number and information to open a Dish Network account in 2006.  The account was closed in 2010, but the victim was recently called abut an outstanding bill for service, according to police.
  • A vehicle drove through fences and cornfields southeast of town.  5 property owners suffered losses in the incident.
Just another typical summer in a cornfield…..

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