RBF: my new obsession

While I’m slowly coming out of my slush haze, I rediscovered a new drink: one that still isn’t very healthy, but I can drink it before work!

A rootbeer float.

My Dad used to make these fine drinks back in the day for us and I got a craving for them the other night out of the blue.  I’ve had like 2 per day for the past few days.  It’s so good and refreshing with all this humidity here.  I know this disobeys my rule of  “no drinking pop unless it contains alcohol,” but I’m thinking of changing the rule to include “or ice cream.”

I used chocolate ice cream instead — wow, it’s good.  Next time I’m going to try vanilla with Cheerwine.

It’s pouring outside right now – no surfing for me this AM, which is probably a good thing since my body needs to rest.  And do we ever need the rain.

Next on the menu: sitting on the porch with green tea reading the Bible and journaling.



2 thoughts on “RBF: my new obsession

  1. What a blissful way to spend the morning and with the perfect musical accompaniment of rain. I too grew up with RBF, but haven’t had them in ages…perhaps it’s time to revist this childhood treat.

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