One ring to rule them all

A few months ago, The General lost his wedding ring.

A little sad over the sentiment of it, but it’s just a ring; very easily replaced.  I told him I would buy him another one, but I wanted him to pick it out because he’s the one who’s going to wear it.  I got the ring I wanted (a channel ring) and am quite happy.

He found one he really wants: a tattooed black band in lieu of a white gold one.

I’m all about tattoos, I have 2 of them (he has 5!) and I want more.  There’s just something about tattooing a wedding ring on that doesn’t sit well with me.  He really gave me a scare when he told me he got it done that night: after some conversation, he revealed it was just sharpie, but wanted to gage my reaction!  Agh!  He claimed I was accepting of it, but I only was because I thought it was the real deal: it’s not something you can remove.

In all honesty, I would like to get his signature tattooed on my butt – really!  But I won’t because in 10 years it will resemble a smudge and I’m really against tattooing names/faces.  Things change sometimes and then you’re stuck with this physical reminder of the past that will never go away.  Both my tattoos are very personal: I got them for me and no one else.

He’s really excited about this and even though we are married, it is his body and he can do it if he wants – I’m just not 100% sure how I feel about it.



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