Martinis and Macaroons?! Yes, please.

So if you’re around and about in the downtown Wilmington area and it happens to be Thursday night you have to go to Caprice Bristro sofa bar (when you walk in, staircase is to your right).  It’s over by Kilwin’s where Market and Water Street meet.  Can’t miss it.

They have $5 martinis (normally $9) and each martini comes with your very own macaroon.  OMG.

Charlotte, Samantha, and I indulged tonight.  I had 2: my old standby, a mint chocolate martini followed by a beautiful orange creamsicle-esque I-can’t-remember-the-name-of-it-but-it-was-really-good martini.  It’s the only orange one on the menu, you won’t be disappointed.

The best part of the night?  It’s all happening.  Samantha is going on a mission trip to the country of her dreams, Italia, in October.  I have good vibes about this.  Charlotte found an amazing guy (so far, it’s new) which is more of a Mr. Goldenblatt than a Mr. MacDougal.  Miranda’s got a second interview and if all goes well, she’ll be back in the Port City before the 1st leaf turns colors.

I don’t know what my next adventure entails – but in the meantime….I’m enjoying the glow from my friends.


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