“Detroit, Detroit. Got 1 hell of a hockey team; got a left handed way of making a man, sign up on that automotive dream….” (Paul Simon)

Just landed back in the humidity of the Carolinas from the Motor City.  Many adventures to report, but I will do so at a later time.

In other news, I accidently bought the same pair of jeans I already own and aren’t too fond of.  Drat.  These are more conservative than the edgy ones I tried on (and by edgy, I mean they left nothing up to the imagination in terms of bum); other other ones appeared too paper thin and I feared they would last a year without holes.  OMG.  I’m old.  And why do I always buy a pair in the same size that I haven’t tried on?

More to come on the adventures.

Oh, and the $40 that went to Spirit Airlines?  They refunded it once I explained to them everything fits under the seat and no overhead bin would be needed.  SCORE!  It pays to travel light.



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