AMC: All My Chemistry

The General has just discovered Breaking Bad, a show on AMC that comes on before Mad Men — it’s about a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher and how he cooks crystal meth in order to pay for his chemo treatments.  I haven’t watch the show, but the General (being the science geek that he is) is really into the show because of all the science behind synthesizing crystal meth.  As someone who hails from Illinois, I have seen 1st hand what meth does to people.  Anhydrous ammonia tanks dot the cornfields for the crops — many are stolen and/or drained by meth cooks.  Nothing good ever comes from meth: making it alone is a hazardous material clean up situation (i.e. suits and masks) and people who do meth destroy their lives, their loved ones, and their bodies.  I can’t even imagine being a part of something that would eventually destroy someone purposely.

The General has joked about cooking meth (a pound of the good stuff would fetch about $40,000) since we both have a heavy chemistry background.  I shut him down right away: that’s not even something to joke about.  It’s a terrible, terrible thing.

I made a deal with him: if he ever starts cooking meth, I’m going to take after my favorite AMC show, Mad Men.  I’m going to start sleeping around and drinking.  All. The. Time.

I think that’s fair.


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