Her name was Irene….and she was my 1st

It’s official: I will lose my hurricane virginity this weekend to Irene, a Cat 3 that seems to be leaning more west than east as she had been.

I managed to avoid the storm team at work this year, so I’ll be toasting Irene with a bottle of zinfandel.  By myself.  The General got stuck on the storm team.  I feel better being at home for this, just in case a long leaf pine decides it wants to come inside via a window for some wine.  We haven’t boarded anything up – we’re 5 miles as the crow flies from the Atlantic.  Last year when a storm dumped 18 inches of rain in 3 days we didn’t have a puddle on our property, so I’m hoping that was a good omen.

I need to get gas in my car.  Outside of that, I got food here and a firepit out back just in case the electricity goes out.

Today has been awesome.  Started the morning with surfing – epic waves from pre-Irene – and I actually left to go home because I was tired and the wax was starting to come off my board from overuse!  I had this big smile on my face all morning — so stoked!  I’m cleaning up a bit around here and cooking tomorrow’s dinner (as soon as I get off the computer)  and then I’m heading downtown with Charlotte for sushi and then we’re meeting up with Samantha for martinis.  And Cucalorus is just around the corner – heading over there to get the info on volunteering this year.  Rock on!

Here I am, Irene.  Rock me like a hurricane.


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