Irene, you’re all talk and no action


This picture sums up the hurricane thus far. It’s a Cat 2 alright, but a sleepy one at that. Lame. Here I am thinking that losing my hurricane v card was going to be a wild ride with sideways rain, airborne trees, and power outages. So far its been me watching Jurassic Park (hadn’t seen it since it was in theatres, circa 5th grade), drinking wine, tea, talking to my General who’s running the battle plan at work. The power hasn’t even flickered. Hurricane? I’ve weathered worse storms in the shower.

The worst part is suppose to hit in about 2 hours and I plan to be awake, hoping to catch some of the action.

The storm door out front came loose and was banging with random wind gusts. Scared the daylight out of me. And Katie.

I think I need another glass of wine. 


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