My Mad Men moment

It’s so secret that we’re losing people faster than we can hire them at work.  It’s getting silly now, as the water is now ankle deep in our boat and we’re handed buckets to start bailing water overboard. The distress signals we’re giving out are going unanswered — or answered by people who can’t help us (i.e. can’t do the work that needs to be done)…..and so I wait for the water to rise waist high as my arms are tired every night from constantly bailing out myself, my co-workers, and the machines that are truly Ford’s (fix or repair daily….seriously.  I see more of the service rep than of my husband some weeks).

I just had my performance review and despite how I feel about coming across as a complete orge, I got the maximum score of 100%.  I don’t know if I am just hard on myself and this is proof I’m doing well or if they’re just overlooking my faults by telling me what a great job I’m doing so I won’t follow my former co-workers and find a job elsewhere.  I’m valuable because I know the most information and can fix things (i.e. machines, angry phone calls, etc).  Us veterans are a dying breed.

The solution my boss found was also the same that pulled me to Wilmington: advertise for employees in a national journal for our profession.  I only get a subscription when I’m looking for a job — and it’s what I started reading cover-to-cover when I was prepping for my move somewhere between Virginia Beach and Miami.  I still have the ad cut out that made me apply here.  It’s less as enticing now that I look at it, but since my blood now has tested positive for salt water and sweet tea, it’s still one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My boss knows I am a good writer.  Every time we have a machine that dies (well, “dies” as in leaves the lab by either eternal mechanical death or replacement), I write an obituary for them.  At my old job, this guy actually did them and I pulled the idea form him.  I must admit, they’re pretty funny.  She would like me to write up something to put in an ad for this journal to pull people into the area.  Wilmington is a very desirable place live, it’s just my employer is somewhat of a meat grinder.  I’m definitely more hardened in my spirit since I started working here.

I’m a copywriter for a moment at my job, writing an ad.  I really want to go all Don Draper on it.  Martinis?  Check.  Sex with a co-worker? Check. (It’s okay, he’s my husband….we met at work).  And while I can’t get a meeting together to discuss my ad pitches, do you have any ideas on why someone should move to Wilmington and take a healthcare job that pays lower than most and will be guaranteed to kick your ass most nights?

As soon as I get my laughter under control, I am going to use this Mad Men clip as my inspiration.  Because I usually say this when something seriously goes wrong, followed by a barrage of F bombs and seething looks.


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