Sailing friendships

It’s official: my best friend from 5th grade (Pat) is moving to the Port City with her girlfriend, Kris.  They stayed with us over the weekend, securing an apartment and getting a transfer through work.  This was our 1st time meeting Kris and she was awesome.  She was one of those people that you feel like you’ve known for years when it’s just been a few days.  She and Pat make a great couple.  I really hope this works out in the long term for them.

How crazy is it that a childhood friend is moving to the town I’m in, 1,500 miles away?!  Although we’re so different now, the main friendship is still intact. While I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, we were close friends far before her sexuality changed – I don’t based my friendships on who they’re sleeping (or not) with.  I’m not one to lecture about sexual sin: I’m not sure if I’d be the pot or the kettle.

Nonetheless, I believe the Lord is bringing them to Wilmington for His glory.  In fact, while they were checking out Durham, their car was broken into with the passenger side window shattered.  They couldn’t get the window repaired until Monday evening, which required them to stick around for an extra, unplanned day.  That was the day they found the perfect apartment (near the beach!!!!) and got to rest before heading back into work/driving home.

I don’t think we’ll see them all the time, seeing as how they’re on the other side of town, but I’m excited to have a little bit of home here at my home.



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