Inappropriate things

I was at a local organic market the other day grabbing lunch and some elderberry syrup — I think I’m starting to get sick.  Not only was my nose completely stuffed the other night, but I also had a dream that I had the flu.  Arg.  Anyway, I saw this product called “liver cleanse” and how you need to clean out your liver with this product to ensure it’s working and remove all the toxins.

I burst out laughing right in the middle of the aisle.

One of the main jobs of the liver is to remove toxins and old red blood cells – not to mention making chemicals so your blood can clot – among other things.  YOU NEVER WOULD NEED TO DO A LIVER CLEANSE!!!  It does not need help.  If your liver is not working properly, you’ll go jaundiced – yellowing of the skin/eyes and your poop may turn gray (that’s really bad, go to an ER).  If your liver does indeed stop working you have 12 hours to either get a new one or get it working again.  I’m shocked they can actually sell that.

I was invited to a baby shower recently and is it inappropriate to buy something for the parents, rather than the baby?  Like gifts you would buy for a batechorlette party?  I think sometimes people focus so much on the babies that they completely neglect the parents.  Maybe if I did show up to a baby shower with gifts of lube and a gift certificate for dinner out, I would be black balled from other baby showers?  I can’t see this being a bad thing — and the new parents win.  I firmly believe that if you are not a good spouse you will not be a good parent.  I say that as a cat mom who sometimes forgets to feed her kids.  But they’re really good at reminding me.  And my General is wonderful.


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