Another decade

10 years ago I was on the cusp of my 20s. And oh how this decade has changed me. From my sophomore year of college to becoming seasoned in my career, so much has happened. And in such a short time.

Back then I was dating the coolest guy on the planet (Lys), fighting to keep from failing organic chemistry, and had my 1st experience with alcohol – Mike’s hard lemonade with lemon drops. And subsequently, a hangover. Now? Lys turned out to be an emotionally abusive slug, I can’t draw out molecules nor use IUPAC nomenclature anymore, and mint chocolate martinis are my thing – I rarely have hangovers now. Oh, and I’m married to the most awesome man on the planet.

I can’t help but wonder how I will view 30 from the balcony of my 40s. Will I smile and roll my eyes as I did with my turning 20? Or worse, will I look back with regrets or long for those “better days?” I know my future lies with the Lord and He will direct my steps for his glory. It can only get better, it is all for Him.


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