Things I have done in the name of the Cucalorus Film Festival


Helped carry a full keg of beer to the bar

Called out a liar about obtaining a ticket under false pretences

Carried a large pizza through the house while a movie was showing

Totally hooked up my husband with free access to the VIP area

Ate the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life

3 days of double shifts as a volunteer

Met some cool new people & had awesomely random conversations from silly to serious

Had a q&a session about sexual health anomalies (verdict: see a doctor)

Learned about the different cases in the German language

Figured out where Beecher, Illinois was

Ordered 2 Shirley Temples, on the rocks

Ate @ my fave restaurant with Samantha (Manna on Princess). We split chocolate cake for desert and I temporarily forgot my husband’s name it was so good.

Watched amazing sunsets

Went to an after party with Samantha and watched a short movie about chewing food/drinking/French kissing from the perspective of the tonsils: so disgusting we couldn’t look away

Saw 1 weird meandering movie about a 13 year old boy discovering his sexuality

Was too embarrassed to try out my newly acquired German on a native speaker, but spoke to the cracked out pan-handlers, “Ich hab keinen geld.” I have no money.

Learned there is gold in the sands of local beaches (on the microscopic level)

Averaged 2 Port City Java espresso drinks/day

Felt my muscles actively atrophy due to lack of running and movement in general

Lunched with The General at Cafe Phoenix. It was beyond delicious, I will be back

Oh yeah – I also sold tickets so people could see great movies


One thought on “Things I have done in the name of the Cucalorus Film Festival

  1. Sounds like a blast Carrie…Glad Sam got to share in some of the fun this year. Nice of you to take time amongst all the other things you were doing to ‘sell tickets’. So was it a better event than initially presented in the sneak peek synopsis???

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